Salad Daze

April 18, 2018

Little Green followers know what an advocate I am of having salad ingredients on hand. A variety of good, clean greens. Red cabbage. Some root veggies…maybe cooked beets, or raw carrots. Crunchy nuts. Possibly some protein like chickpeas rinsed and stored in a glass jar, or a hard boiled egg, or some mung bean sprouts. The thing that tips the scale, though, is having a delicious salad dressing that you love ready-made. Maybe its a creamy tahini sauce, maybe a light French dressing, or maybe a sweeter honey lemon dressing.  My food prep during the week is def incomplete unless I have a full jar of delish dressing waiting! Then, at lunchtime (and frankly at dinner, too) when I look in the fridge, having a big bowl of greens with other goodies suddenly seems like a reality!

I like to make one dressing at a time, and use it for a few days, then whip up a new one. Here are a few of my faves:

Any of these will take just minutes to make, and they are packed with flavor and nutrients. Last week I needed to have a dish ready for dinner at a friend’s rather last minute. I pulled together shaved red cabbage, cauliflower, and chickpeas and roasted them on a pan. Combined with a the miso tahini sauce, it was delicious. Suddenly I had a meal, and not just a bunch of random ingredients roasted on a pan! Sauces also make lunch or dinner “bowls” really easy and fun. The Red Beet Hummus is a great one for this: load up your bowl with veggies and lentils, and add the beet hummus for color and flavor. Add some crunchy almonds and a sprinkling of microgreens, and you have a restaurant-worthy meal.

Mix it up….try different sauces and have different greens and veggies on hand, and it will be hard to get bored but easy to eat healthily!