• I thought it was brilliantly executed. Just the right amount of independence and intervention. Especially helpful were the menus and recipes that came in the daily e-mails!
  • You’ve inspired me to make great changes in my life.
  • Amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again. My whole family has benefited from these past 10 days. I really feel like our eating habits have changed for good. Thank you so much!!
  • Such a fantastic experience!! Christy, you were so informative and encouraging. The cleanse exceeded my expectations. I had no idea that it would teach me so much about nutrition. Huge thanks. I already miss being told everyday how amazing I am! : )
  • Thank you so much. First increment of weight loss (5 lbs after 2 weeks) I have managed in two years of trying. My habits have been shifted (I hope) for good!!!
  • Christy, the experience was golden for me. Besides giving me all sorts of tasty, healthy recipes, I learned that I’ve been doing myself and my thyroid a disservice by eating too much raw brassica.
  • My kids have LOVED all the new dishes these past few days. Monday night we had the butternut squash soup for dinner, and they cleaned their plates. I’m seriously so impressed. I have taken so much more than I thought from this cleanse, Christy. Thank you for making this happen for us. I will miss you and you can definitely count me in every time you do a cleanse, so I’m in for January.
  • I am feeling great and like I just gave myself an incredible gift. Christy, besides being key to arming us to cleanse, your recipes are excellent. Thank you, Christy, for your expertise, wisdom and attentiveness. To everyone else, thank you for the smart questions, stories and support.
  • The fall cleanse changed how we eat completely… we feel fantastic! I have really enjoyed coming up with creative, hearty, vegetarian meals that my family loves. I also enjoy the challenge of moving everyday.
  • A very special thanks to Christy to be such a wonderful guide, teacher and friend through the cleanse. We have all learned a lot. I must admit, I will miss the daily emails and all the new information I’ve learned. Thank you Christy, you are a blessing and a joy.
  • I really can’t believe how good I feel, I tried to explain it to my mother today and she thought it was just the number on the scale that was making me feel good. In reality, while that was a happy thing, that had nothing to do with the natural energy and greatness I’ve felt for the past 5-6 days.
  • Christy, thank you so much for the advice and encouragement. I am going to miss your morning emails so much!! 🙂 Appreciating the cleanse so much for making me more mindful of everything I eat or drink. I also see that doing a cleanse every few months is a great structure to have in place, so I hope to join again in Jan.
  • Thanks to all posters and especially Christy for invaluable insights into what I eat, why I eat and what energizes me as I make my way through my day. I’ll never completely go back and look forward to new modifications as I charge forward. Unexpected bonus: evenness of mood and general lightness of spirit (cleansers’ high?). A blessing!