Our Team

Our Team

Christy Halvorson Ross, CHC, CRFE, Founder

Thank you for being here! I’m super excited to share my love of good food with you. We are so lucky that the foods that are most nutritious for us–plant-based foods–are so delicious, irresistible, and adaptable. They can be found at your local farmer’s market, in your urban garden, or at your grocery store. With a little cooking & prep practice you can find yourself enjoying fruits and vegetables and legumes and grains more often than you did before. Your body will thank you, and so will our planet.

I love learning about the nutrients in food, and how each food benefits your body. In the cleanses that I lead, I’ll tell you some of my favorite things these foods can do for you. I love experimenting with recipes, and during my cleanses you can expect a new recipe every day, one that has been created and tinkered with and photographed in my own kitchen.

I became interested in nutrition years ago, when my son developed an adverse reaction to artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or nitrates. Our family’s diet changed overnight, for the better. Almost simultaneously, I began helping a parent through cancer. I believe that the nutritional choices we made for my mom, and the green juice that she drank daily, added years onto her life. I have been preoccupied with cancer and nutrition research for the last 10+ years, and strongly believe nutrition can change the course of your health for the better, starting today. My family drinks green juice every morning, soaks our grains, and eats a primarily plant-based and always organic diet. We grow almost all of the greens for our green juice in our own urban garden beside our house. We visit our local farmer’s market every weekend and are obsessed with composting. Two of us are pescatarians, and two of us are very careful omnivores. We feel GREAT and are so excited about it, and want you to feel your best, too.

In July 2012, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC as a holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I am certified through the Association of Drugless Practitioners. In February 2012, I also received my Raw Foods Certification from The Raw Food Institute, and am experienced in Raw Foods diets and the immense health benefits they offer. I am a self-taught but enthusiastic & experimental chef, recipe developer, and food photographer.

I have led over 1,000 people through my online cleanse programs over the last five years, and I’m excited to share this healthy way of eating with you and your family and friends. Thank you so much for coming to Little Green!

Please contact me at christyhross@gmail.com.

Karen Ballotta, Marketing and Brand Development

I first experimented with vegetarianism, not because I was especially concerned about nutrition, but because I was a student who needed to save money on groceries. Over a decade later, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and my motivation for healthy eating changed. Since then, I have enjoyed remarkably good health, which I attribute to a lot of luck, knowledgeable doctors, exercise, and a healthy, plant-based diet. Fortunately, my wonderful family not only supports my nutritional efforts, but inspires me to improve my habits. My older daughter went vegetarian at age 12 and hasn’t looked back. My younger daughter took things a step further and went fully vegan about two years ago. Soon afterwards, my husband followed. I do most of the cooking and usually avoid all animal products. I enjoy revising recipes so that we can share meals together.
I have a background in development, and before that I spent a lot of time practicing law. Both experiences required me to hone my persuasive skills, and I am now happy to use those skills to spread the word about Little Green. Christy’s recipes are delicious, healthy, and simple to prepare. Participating in a Little Green cleanse is a short term commitment, but you just might find yourself making some permanent healthy changes to your eating habits. It’s easier than you expect!

Kat Basile Runyan, KitchKat Food Delivery in DC Area

My love for cooking started when I was in fifth grade. I would come home from school and watch cooking shows. I watched them every single day for a year until I finally began to try out my own culinary skills. By the seventh grade, I was making my own dinners. You could say pasta was my thing.  By the time I went to college, I learned that I liked new foods like avocado, feta cheese and lobster. Going to college in Boston and then in South Carolina introduced me to a variety of different cuisines.  By the end of my college career, I would make a huge batch of food every Sunday that would last me for the week. Many years later,  I am doing the same thing for other people!

I am an avid self-taught cook. I graduated with a degree in Sociology in 2006—a degree that has little to do with making a mean barbecue turkey meatloaf. Cooking has always been something that has made me enthusiastically happy. I am grateful that I could turn my passion into my career.

The Elements and Little Green partner for several reBOOT and Cleanse programs throughout the year. Typically, we offer 7 days of guided local hikes and cleansing.  The Elements is AMAZING and I am so excited to be working with them. I hope you will check them out and sign up for their hikes, or sign your kids up for an incredible after-school program!

We recommend several exceptional yoga and training partners in the DC area:

Carol Collins Yoga is a beloved DC yoga instructor who is followed by many in the DC area–we encourage you to try one of her classes!

My logo was done by the creative and fantabulous Jackie Vann.  My portrait photography was done by Kate Warren of GoKateShoot.  I do my own food photography. If you are interested in partnering with Little Green–are you a healthy cook who lives in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago???–or interested in promoting our fantastic cleanse programs in other cities, please get in touch!