Autumn 10-Day Cleanse

September 12, 2017

From September 17 – 26, Little Green will be offering our autumn 10-day guided, online quarterly cleanse. Our detox program is anti-inflammatory and removes gluten, dairy, sugar, processed soy + foods, meat, and coffee from your diet. Participants GLOW after the experience and report that they have:

  • increased energy
  • clearer skin
  • fewer mood swings
  • more focus + less fog
  • weight loss (average is 3-5 lbs)
  • less inflammation
  • fewer cravings
  • deeper sleep

We guide you through the process and support you daily with a cheerleading email. You have dozens of recipes to choose from through an online Members Portal, which you will have access to once you register.  This is a “virtual” cleanse, and can be done from anywhere. Your support group will be other cleansers from across the country online! Learn more about cleansing with us here.

Also, in the DC area, you can order your food to have it delivered!  Learn more about home delivery in DC or the HUB delivery in Great Falls, VA here.  If you want to order your food, the deadline is tomorrow: September 13th.  We are also working with the wonderful Elements program! Margaret and her team lead fantastic urban walks in the DC, MD, and VA areas. They will enliven your day and make your cheeks rosy and enhance your detox. Learn more about the 7-day reBOOT coinciding with our cleanse here. (And get a 10% discount if you register for both!)

Little Green is really proud to run conscious + nourishing plant-forward cleanses promoting a healthy individual and a thriving earth. We appreciate that you are part of the journey!

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