Why Cleanse

Welcome to Little Green!

We run conscious + nourishing plant-forward cleanses promoting a healthy individual and a thriving earth.

Little Green Cleanses are about mindful eating. They are about healthy and happy food. They are about your well-being.  They are about thriving along with the earth. They are about treasuring ingredients. They are about gaining energy from your food.

Christy created the Little Green Cleanse to help you carve out time to eat whole, real, fresh, plant-based foods that are the most nutritious for your body. You will remove allergens, toxins, and foods that cause inflammation and blood sugar disruptors.

Our healthy-eating detox programs are online, community programs, giving you support and guidance for the duration of your cleanse. Visit our Shop page to see what cleanses are upcoming. We offer 5, 7, and 10 cleanse programs at different intervals throughout the year.

Isn’t now the time to take charge of your health?!

Why are you interested in joining a cleanse? Some like to do it quarterly to detox. Some of you may want to explore food allergies. You may want to feel more energetic, focused, less bloated and feel that your body needs a “reboot.” Many of us may want to lose a few pounds. You may want to sleep better or have clearer skin, or want to find out how you react with less gluten or dairy. What crutches do you use every day to sustain your energy–and can this be approached in a healthier, more even way? This cleanse will fulfill many of these needs.

The goal of the cleanse is to help you feel light and full of energy, priming your body to be in optimal shape to absorb the nutritious food you are putting into it, instead of battling the inflammation. Your body will fight free-radical cell growth that causes chronic disease, and you will also just feel GOOD. You will learn techniques and tips to make each meal of your day healthier, and you will gain the knowledge to change your eating habits so that your body is constantly healing and operating at its best. This fortifying and energizing online DIY detox will be alongside a group that will help keep you on track and give you support!

Benefits of Cleansing with Little Green:

  • be happier
  • increased energy and vitality
  • feel generally better + more comfortable
  • clearer skin + glow
  • fewer mood swings
  • more focus + less fog
  • weight loss (average is 3-5 lbs)
  • less inflammation
  • fewer cravings
  • deeper sleep
  • bolstered immune system
  • re-set your cells for optimum regeneration
  • your daily food choices can change the way your genes express themselves
  • help the environment with reduced meat + dairy consumption

When your cleanse is done, you will likely see your diet in a very different way. You are likely to make some permanent changes in the way you eat. Cleansing periodically will help improve your health, decrease your risk of chronic disease, improve your moods, skin, and sleep, help you feel lighter, and will even be giving the planet a break as it takes less resources to produce plant-based foods.

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Here is info. on food delivery in the DC Area during your cleanse. *Orders must be placed by Jan. 11th.