What You Get

WHAT DO YOU GET when you sign up for this group cleanse?

  • Cleanse Members’ Portal: After registering, you will receive login information to the members-only section of the Little Green site for the duration of the cleanse. The Members’ Portal contains our daily cleanse rituals, guides you through the cleanse, answers questions about cleansing, and gives you access to 75+ cleanse recipes. (once you register, a “Members” section pops up at the right of your menu bar, and everything you need will be there!) Your access to the Members Portal lasts from the day of registration until 2 days after the cleanse ends.
  • Encouraging Daily Email: Every morning during your cleanse, check your inbox to get an email from Christy, focusing you on what is at hand that day, and giving you tips about nutrition and health and specific foods, including a new recipe and photo that Christy has just tested in her own kitchen!
  • Online Discussion Group: Support from others participating in Christy’s cleanse–and the opportunity to ask them questions about what they are going through, or where to buy something. This supportive community makes a big difference in your cleanse!
  • Private Email Access: You have the opportunity to ask questions daily of Christy, via private email or the group email, if you choose to do so.
  • A carved-out commitment to yourself: When you carve out time to focus on your health, and you have the support of a coach and a team of virtual friends, it makes all the difference in sticking to your goals.  I have trouble eating dairy free for one day if I simply decide to do it that morning, but it’s a different boat completely when you have committed. You will simply follow the guidelines and the advice in the Members Portal + Christy’s emails, and you will find yourself with a healthier, happier, more thriving YOU.
  • A fun experience!


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**Please note that I am NOT a doctor. If you have a health condition or are on any medication, you must consult your physician before beginning this or any cleanse. While I can give good nutritional guidance, everyone’s body is different and not 100% of participants end up feeling “better” from doing a cleanse. These dietary changes are truly good for most people, (and you, are, after all, only removing the “bad stuff” and eating the good) and in most cases are changes that you may choose to integrate on a permanent basis with wonderful results. It is also advised not to begin a cleanse if you are getting sick–the reduction of protein and caffeine may make your experience more difficult. Little Green can not be held liable for medical problems that occur during the cleanse. **