CLOSED–New Year’s Cleanse (10-Day)


Little Green’s Quarterly Anti-Inflammatory 10-Day Cleanse.

Registration open until noon Saturday! But if you sign up Saturday, remember that Saturday is Prep Day!

Also, 2018 repeaters price is just $59.

Start the New Year off right with a 10-day (Jan. 13-22…Jan. 12 is “prep day”) healthy eating detox that will both nourish and cleanse you. This anti-inflammatory program will help you lighten up, get healthy, feel energized and be ready for the new year. We will guide you through the ten days with recipes, support, menu planning, and cooking tips to make it easier and even fun.

*If you have cleansed within the last year, you will automatically receive a $30-off repeaters discount in your shopping cart–making the price of the cleanse just $59!

Need to back up a little and learn more about what our cleanses are all about? Click here for the full scoop!

Meal delivery options in DC also available.


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