Conscious + Nourishing
Plant-Forward Cleanses Promoting
A Healthy Individual + A Thriving Earth

What is this cleanse all about?

A Little Green cleanse is about detoxing your body using the most nutrient-rich, fresh, real foods available to us.  It’s about building healthy new habits that will nourish you and re-boot your system. This is not a diet or juice cleanse, and it’s not about counting calories. It’s a realistic, healthy new approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We offer 10, 7, and 5-Day cleanses at different times of the year.

Why would I want to do this?

1. Reduce inflammation
2. Increase energy + vitality
3. More focus, less fog
4. Weight loss (average 2-5 lbs)
5. Bolster immunity
6. Clearer skin + more glow
7. Deeper sleep
8. Fewer cravings
9. Reset your cells for optimum regeneration
10. Help the environment with reduced dairy and meat consumption

What do I get by registering?

1. The food guidelines will help you eliminate inflammatory and potentially disruptive foods from your meals, and will help you add in nutritious, seasonal, plant-forward foods.

2. Follow the daily rituals!

3. You will have access during your cleanse to the Members Portal on where you can experiment with dozens of cleanse-friendly recipes, menu ideas, grocery lists, and tips.
4. Encouraging daily email to keep you on track and direct your focus.
5. Online discussion group with other members.
6. Private email access to Christy.
7. A carved-out commitment to yourself, and a fun way to approach being more healthy!

“I love how much I have grown personally since my first cleanse. I have learned so many things about nutrition and substituting ingredients to achieve flavors I love! I have not only learned from you–whose guidance and knowledge is remarkable–but I have also learned from my fellow cleansers. The best part of every cleanse for me is that joyful feeling that comes around day 4/5. It’s always such a sweet surprise when I have energy to really enjoy a silly game with the kids. I am so grateful for your work, the love that you put into it, and for all the knowledge you have shared with me. Thank you!! Xoxo

-Helida Dodd
Repeat cleanser + Annual Member
Miami, FL